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How can a nonprofit organization get non-profit rates at the post office?

The US Postal Service recognizes many nonprofit organizations and will grant nonprofit Marketing Mail rates to those ONLY after an application is filed and approved. Just because you are a 501C3 organization, it does not make you automatically eligible for nonprofit rates with the USPS.

The process is rather easy. The USPS allows applications to be filed and, if completed properly and qualified, the nonprofit will earn a nonprofit authorization number. This number is then good forever, if the organization uses it at least once every two years.

In order to mail, the organization is then required to purchase a permit indicium to apply to their mail piece, showing that they are approved for nonprofit rates. This permit must be renewed yearly. As an alternative, the organization can use the permit of any certified Mail Service Provider, most of which will allow the use of their permits free of charge, in return for the business of processing the mail for the organization. Mail Works is one such provider.

Once granted an authorization, the nonprofit is then obligated to process mail in accordance with the US Postal Service sorting and automation standards and present mailings directly to a USPS Business Mail Entry Unit. A Mail Service Provider, like Mail Works, can do all of this for the organization at reasonable and competitive rates.


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